“Tell me something about yourself” a frequently asked question in almost every interview.

And that is when a whole array of thoughts run across the chords of my brain, with the little swinging miniature secrets of my mind all beginning to entangle, whipping out the most streaky yet witty feelings of describing myself.

Here it goes;

Don’t go with my stubborn looks, that I have camouflaged right away from the woman sitting at the front office taking all the pride in scheduling someone else’s time table wherein her own time & table look to be a complete mess. I am humorous in my own caricature.

I am that one particle of newton’s experiment which attracts all others with constant force. As far as my temperature, energy & entropy are concerned, I am the coolest one to imbalance the entire thermal equilibrium.

I am quite punctual as I never snooze my six morning daily alarms. I only dismiss them.

A superwoman with all the talismanic powers festooned.

I am a born artist with superlative degrees of creativity. Once I catch hold of a paint brush, the portraits begin to speak.

I am a complicated gene over which almost every scientist has published research papers.

I am the showstopper for all the parties. People swoon over my sense of fashion.

I showcase great memory as I never forget anniversaries including Google’s, September 27th.

I am the best driver for making all my fellows personally greet GOD, GOOD MORNING.

I have bagged awards at almost every award ceremony.

As far as my physical fitness is concerned I can do 100 planks in half an hour, run about 21 miles a day & can extract all the minerals from a mineral water bottle. I never cramp only my nerves misbehave a little.

I am the most polite & humble in speech. Only my mind screams the hell out of me.

Oops, I think I felt a Deja vu of having faced this interview before.

Anyways, I began repeating my usual crammed Signature Lines: